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Terrace Gardening for Beginners

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

prepare sapling from momsgardenpassion
Journey of gardening

Hi, I am Chandrakala the author of the Momsgardenpassion blog and a busy mom of two lovely kids. I had this interest back in the year 2015 years. when I saw my sister utilized her terrace space as a garden.

She found to have lots of flower-like roses, jasmine, and bougainvillea, some herbal plant-like yellow and white karisalankanni, ginger plant, grape creeper, cabbage flower, pudhina(mints leaf), and so on.

I can only see the whole terrace full of green, flowers, and more than 100 plants.

That garden inspired me a lot. After this, I took her suggestions and started doing gardening on my terrace, since I too live in an apartment building. Terrace garden was my only option.

First I started with some green leave (Keerai) in Tamil or spinach(Arai Keerai, Siru Keerai, and

some palak). (Arai keerai/Amaranthus Dubius, Siru Keerai/Amaranthus Polygonoides are Indian spinach name)

Spinach from momsgardenpassion

I got the seed, next I prepare organic soil. On planning for the terrace garden I was

advised that I should be cautious about the weight (less weight is advisable) using soil like red soil fully may weight more and make strains on the ceiling, to avoid this I use coconut fiber (coco peat). The last thing after soil is prepared we need to sow the seed and enjoy how it grows patiently...

Every day I used to visit my plants and how it grows wondering will my plant grow ????

check out the plant growth
Successful growing

Keerai from momsgardenpassion
First harvest "Spinach"

As the days rolls out my expectations changed and became my routine. Below is my first spinach plant thought it does require any special care, it sprouted out so beautiful and I had my first harvest.

On the way in my gardening journey, I also found many of the neighbors started growing Organic garden.

After a few months, nearly 80 % of families dropped out in the middle.

It because they didn't knowledge on "How to grow ?" or "How to control pest?" etc.

Since I have already successes growing vegetable and flowers plant.

On this curiosity to solve these problems, I started collecting detail on plants, fertilizer, and shared the passion.

Finally landed in creating an e-commerce site "Momsgardenpassion" to help garden who may be in need of getting a quality plant, fertilizer, and other garden products.

In addition, I have also started blogging to educate, share, and resolve the problem of gardening.

How to grow the plant and how to protect them from pests/insects?

and on Organic pesticide to use

Seasonal plants that can survive in the Indian climate, etc.

You can also see that most of the plants which is been listed on the website are commonly and all-season plants.

If you find this interesting please share your comments below.

Happy Gardening

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