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Garden Tools to use & How to use?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

7 Basic garden tool for your garden

Watering can,gloves,Trowel,fork
Garden tools from momsgardenpassion

Watering can -

Water the lifeline for plant and Oxygen suppliers in many places we have lots of water problems and the best way to know how to save water. One of the main ways is by knowing how much water we use on each plant.

When we use "Watering can" we know

how much water we are using?

and judge based on

  • Climate or season

  • Plants condition healthy, indoor or outdoor

  • Soil moisture

The best method to know correct or say the proper way to water is by practice. As a beginner in gardening, it would be difficult and passion for the garden will make your interest to know on your own.

Garden Shear

Garden shear for pruning-

Shear is a must in gardening since they have a lot of useful to trim out excess branches or twig.

While I see my mother used to do manually by plucking or breaking the branches so hard, but I prefer using garden shear for pruning.

Since it makes my work easier to remove a dried leaf or trim out the twigs.

Fork and Trowel

Fork for garden-

The fork is used for loosening the soil surface and aerated soil absorbs good nutrients from fertilizer to roots. These forks have 3 straight metal end with sharp pointers which helps to life, spread and break hard soil particles.

It reduces manual work of using hand for digging and strain to break a hard brick-like soil with hand.

Garden trowel big & small-

The trowel is used for mixing soil.

The big trowel is used for mixing soil in large quantities like mixing coco peat, vermicompost, and fertilizer. A good mix only ensures proper nourishment to plant and since it takes lifting and throwing again and again.

A small trowel is best used for lifting a small amount of soil and dig small holes for planting. It also used for transplanting small plants too.

How to find good trowel depends on its resistance to bending. One I have mentioned is got from Amazon and it is good in rust. It also gives me a good grip while working in the soil.


Garden weeder-

Weeder name itself says tool to remove the weed. The tool looks like a v-shaped small split edged pointer in a metal rod with a handle. It is used to remove unwanted plant grows along with good healthy plant and absorbs nutrition supplied. Weed is also helpful to transplant small sapling from seed tray to pot or grow bag without breaking the root.

Hand removal weeds take an enormous amount of time and by using this garden weeder work is done quickly.

garden hand cultivator-

I can say I haven’t used this tool very often, since I find not much useful in Terrace garden. It may be useful in backyard garden work.

I use them to mark the rail of a row on the soil top for seeding in a row and to mixing garden compost. Other benefits as per goggle are loosened soil surface and weeding. If anyone found any other use of it you can share it with me.

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