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Want to get rid of Aphid?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

White Aphid bug, garden pest
Alphid pest on an tomato plant from Momsgardenpassion

Let See what is "White aphids" in the plant:

This is small white insect feeds on the plant, it normally found with a small white-coated tiny white bug. It looks like white cotton on the plants. They are soft body sucking insects, slowly suck the sap out of the plant which over time weakens plants. The sap contains sugar which the insects love but cannot fully eat the plant and so it oozes out on the plant. If you see this you can also see the plant fungus and Ant too, which we will know in later blogs.

Do you know Aphid can be serious plant pests and may stunt plant growth?

It also produces plant galls, transmits any disease. Since it causes stunt to grow you can see the deformation in leaves, buds, and flowers. The life cycle of Aphid is so complicated that even the female lays eggs that survive the winter. Once they are formed they cover themselves with the white woolly ball around them which results in wax-gland secretion. Aphids are often controlled by natural enemies like ladybird beetles, aphidlions, and lacewings.

Then you may wonder for controlling pest I need to add bugs, no there is another organic alternative too.

Let's see the remedies to cure:

Use Insecticidal soap

or Horticulture oils

or other Traditional insecticides.

On hearing you may think what are these items you may wonder about where and how to use?

Don t worry let me make it easy.

Material which we are going to use are commonly available and regularly used item inside our houses or found in an online garden store. (Like in my garden store “”)

Remedy 1- Dish wash soap which we use for daily washing of the vessels.

Dilute them appropriate

1 tablespoon to 1 liter mix well

Put it in a spray bottle and spray underneath the leave and all over the affected area.

***If more affected plant then make more mixture accordingly

This remedy should be tried ever 2 to 3 days for 3 weeks.

Remedy 2-Alcohol, yes Rubbing alcohol we can use for Aphid.

Take 1 part of the alcohol mix with 2 parts of the water.

Pour it in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture daily especially under the leaves and on the stem.

Alcohol will dissolve waxy coat on their skin and thus they die easily.

Remedy 3- Spray water

The moderately infected plant then just spray with water with moderate speed.

This makes the Aphid loose and fall from the plant sap. Remove them immediately.

Remedy 4- Cutting or Trimming

I found the complete or maximum leave or stem is an infected cut or remove the area carefully.

Thus you can avoid spreading Aphid to grow and can save complete plants.

Remedy 5-Neem oil

Horticulture oil is oil-based pesticides which are Eco friendly doesn't damage the plant and environment.

Here we can take Neem oil as a pesticide, 2 tablespoon mix with soap water 1 liter.

Pour it in a spray bottle use it over the affected area on the plant.

Use weekly once until completely gone.

Remedy 6-Fermented rice

Fermented rice, yes it contains the alcohol that kills the Aphid.

Take a small plastic bottle of 500 ml and a spoon full of cooked rice.

Fill the bottle with ¾ of water and add 1 tablespoon of cook rice into the water.

Shake it well and store it. Store it for ferment until 5 days and daily open the bottle to release the fermented gas. Store again by shaking it.

Filter the liquid, pour it in a spray bottle, and use it over the plant.

Use it ever 2 days once until required, you can see the good results within 3rd spray.

Hope you enjoy my tip & Happy gardening.

I am sharing these remedies which I have tried in my garden.

Suggest your comment after trying and if you find any other remedies do share.

Thanks for view my blog

Your Gardener,




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