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Crossandra or kanakambaram flower plant

The orange or yellow blooming plant is commonly used in south Indian for every festival to daily poojai.

These flowering plants come with bright color that is called as a firecracker.

Its botanical name is crossandra infundibuliformis.

It is a tropical plant and can tolerate hot sun in India. It can be grown easily from seed.

It thrives well in less humid conditions and cannot sustains a cold winter climate.

Kanakambaram flowers, when grown with light color make very eye catchy landscapes. You can also sprout amongst the vegetable garden.

Though it doesn’t have any fragrance like jasmine it’s bright in color which attracts insects for pollination.

Aboli flower draws bees, butterflies, and dragonflies.

It is found abundant in south India especially in Tamilnadu and it is cultivated in many parts of the region.

Making garland is the main purpose of cultivating a crossandra.

Crossandra is best suitable for small gardens, it can also be raised in a patio, terrace, and container garden.

We encourage people to cultivate not only for the reason as native plants, but it gives great scope in crossbreeding.

Let look in why we should grow crossandra plant:

1) IIf you have a single male or female plant, it is difficult to have fruits or seed production.

Growing firecracker plants attracts insects and helps in insect pollination, which indeed induces fruit-bearing.

2) Another advantage of growing crossandra along with a white or light color plant gives the lawn a unique aesthetic view.


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