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Curd an organic pesticide

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Curd is also called Thayir (in South India) or Dahi (in North India).

curd or yogurt
Curd as pesticide

This commonly found food ingredient that we use at our home is curd. Curd or yogurt contains lactic acid which helps in making the guts or stomach healthy. Similarly, when this curd is sprayed on plants, acidity acts as a shield from pests and it also has anti-fungal properties. As it is an easily available pesticide that can be made at home it frequently used everywhere. Sour curd is one of the kinds of organic pesticides that comes as a prime product and can be sprayed on plants safely. Fresh curd without the sourness or less sour won’t be a valuable option. More the sourness it lowers pest attack on the plant.

One of the main aims in organically farming is using eco-friendly, toxin-free, chemical-free, fungicide and insecticide and so here Curd or Yogurt aids in give the effect. Naturally in turn humans still gain good health in consuming these types of food.

How to use curd as native pest control?

Take curd which is in fermentation for 3 to 4 days. During fermentation make sure it is not opened because may attracts maggots and bug. So, to have better results use a close container to preserved sour curd.

Curd has favorable bacteria which helps in nurturing the plants.

Thereby plants also produce their nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus.

Preparation of Insecticide - Mix 1 bowls 50 gram of sour curd with 2 liters of water and spray it on the leaves and the stem. Using these Sour curd pesticides make insects and bug to survive less. It too acts as the fungal protector in the plants and gives good micronutrients to plants. Spraying every 20-25 days interval gives excellent yield. It is more of a cheap and effective form of pesticide than any high-cost chemical substance such as urea.

There are again many different forms of fertilizer like Curd in Panchagavya, Seed nourishment, Animal manure compost preparation, etc.


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