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How to grow Aloe vera or Sothu Kathalai plant at home

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Here I will tell you about an easy way to cultivate Aloe vera from your home. As you see this shrub it is hardy and with the spine on the leaf edge. The inner part of the leaf is a too fleshy gel. The gel contains lots of Medicinal property and it is used worldwide. The sprout can be called a summer succulent. Take cactus variety, it can survive in a dry area. It has water withstanding quality and doesn’t drain out within a day or two.

Aloe vera-How to grow at home
Aloe vera or Sothu kathalai plant

3 thing that is required to rise as Houseplant are:

  • Sunlight - Good sunlight, it doesn’t love dark

  • Soil - Use well drain succulent potting mix, avoid waterlogging

  • Water - When compost is completely dry, doesn’t require daily watering

This is a tropical plant, which means hot climate herb. This growing in various countries like Africa, China, the USA, and India very commonly. Especially plants are cultivated widely in south India. Herbs are used for Skincare solution in cosmetic industries and also in Medicine for health benefits.

Aloe vera thrives well in low rainfall areas with a high humid climate. These plants do survive cold snow regions. So, it is advisable to grow indoors in a protected environment. Perfect to grow would loosen granule prefer soil.

Potting mix – Sand+ perlite +light compost

Another good news about this plant is it can tolerate salty areas.


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