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Step by step organic soil preparation method

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Organic soil
Organic soil from momsgardenpassion
  • Spread out a polythene sheet/tarpaulin sheet

  • Take a medium-size bowl to measure cocopeat, soil, and compost. I prefer an unused fruit bowl.

  • For measuring fertilizer you can use a plastic bottle (old or reused) like 250/500 ml/1 liter or spray bottle for gardening

  • First, we need to soak Cocopeat bricks inside the water and you can see it absorbs and gets expands. Here I use half of 5 kg cocopeat brick.

Hard compressed coco peat gets soft and when you pressed with a finger it gets dusted out. Likewise, we need to break out this peat and after using the required amount rest you can store in a polythene sack (after sun drying from few hours).

  • Measure approximately 4 bowls of cocopeat

  • Next mix 3 bowls full of vermicompost

  • Next with same bowl mix 2 bowls of red soil and

  • Last neem cake, vermiculite, bone meal, cow dung manure, azosphillium, pseudomonas, and phosphobacteria 75 grams each.

  • Mix all thoroughly using the "garden tool" trowel. Only proper mixing gives even the spread of nutrition.

  • This organic soil mix can be approximately used to fill 4 no’s ---12*12 inch green grow bag (you can fill half of the bag).

Barrow is  used to move to rock, compost,leaf and stem waste.It is also used in mixing compost and fertilizer or pesticides.Easy to carry garden equipment
Wheel barrow from momsgardenpassion

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